Geography Teacher? Get on Twitter. You won’t regret it!

After a stark realisation that I was highly unskilled in the world of GIS, I tweeted a plea to the Geography teacher community to ask for assistance. The response was overwhelming, with numerous colleagues & experts offering up their own resources, recommendations and tutelage.

Any Geography teacher on Twitter will know the high quality (and free!) support available, and this page is an attempt to offer something back, from someone who was truly inspired.

Search various hashtags such as #geographyteacher, #teamgeog, #geogchat & #nigeogmeet to see for yourself!

My Route into GIS:

In February 2021 I was asked to write a small reflection for the Early Careers Geography Network on my route into GIS. This article can be found here.

Special Thanks

A big thank you to Mr Alistair Hamill of Lurgan College for his support, inspiration & encouragement in this project.

Alistair Hamill @lcgeography


All links are to projects that use maps & satellite imagery by Google and their relevant data providers (e.g. Google, Maxar Technologies).

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