GE Timelapse: Change from Above

Ho Chi Minh before (1984) / Ho Chi Minh after (2018)
Click here for Timelapse

Google Earth Engine

The main Google Earth Engine is certainly one for the techies, however we Geography teachers can tap into a lovely section that will allow you to view a 34 year timelapse of satellite imagery for any location you search for.

This has been out for some time, but the resolution of the satellite imagery just gets better and better. Urban sprawl, river meandering, glacial melt… these are just some of the temporal changes that can be explored in a highly visual way using timelapse.

There are so many cases of urban sprawl to be seen:

A nice little addition to the site is having the ability to click the share button and copying a link to that specific location and timelapse you have discovered. If you are using Google programs/software you can also embed them into your work.

Share button

Be sure to keep checking the panel on the left for the Google-found timelapses.

Dubai before (1984) / Dubai after (2018)
Click here for Timelapse

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