Ready-Made Voyages in Google Earth

Ever clicked this button? Before you start making your own project in Google Earth be sure to spend some time looking through this first, as it might save you a lot of planning time!

Below are some of my favourite geography-related voyages. Just click on the titles and away you go!

Google Earth View

A perfect demonstration of what Google Earth can show you. High quality images.

Pick a colour then select a picture

Tsunamis in History

An incredible layer showing the magnitude of the most powerful tsunamis in history. Each is accompanied with facts & figures about the event.

The power of the Japanese tsunami in 2011

Volatile Volcanoes

Visit some of the most dramatic volcanoes on Earth.

Taking a quick peak into the crater of Vesuvius!

Polar Sea Ice Coverage

Choose either Arctic or Antarctic and the watch a harrowing transition of what is happening to the extent of sea ice in the region.

Timeline to show ice retreat

Sea Level Rise on Coastal Cities

Powerful visuals of famous urban areas that could be inundated due to climate change.

Manhattan under water

See Climate Change’s Impact

A must. You can toggle between images to view the shocking impacts of climate change.

Sea Surface Temperature

Beautiful visual of the global sea temperatures. You can toggle between celsius and fahrenheit.

Hurricane Irma (2017)

A high quality case study put together in one presentation.

Agriculture Around the World

Different agricultural landscapes & practices from around the world, along with interesting facts about each location.

Seafloor Age

Superb visual into the theory of plate tectonics. Seafloor spreading? This layer is definitely evidence for it!

Deserts – Natural Treasures

Superb compilation of maps, images & clips of some of the worlds deserts. If you like this you will find tours for other environments too: Jungles; Islands; Mountains; Grasslands;

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